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20 year old girl was murdered in a hotel room in Gokarella

20 year old girl was murdered in a hotel room in Gokarella

Police who conducted investigations in an incident where a 20 year old girl who was following er advanced level studies was found mysteriously dad in a hotel near Melsiripura town and a 21 year old boy was arrested in this connection. 

This young man is supposed to has entered monkood sometime previously and he has murdered his lover's friend after sexually abusing her in this manner. According to information received that a girl's dead body found dead mysteriously in a hotel room close to Melsiripura town day before yesterday
(30), Gokarella police on going to the said location had conducted inquiries after which they were able to get at the root of the incident. 

As reported, the incident is as follows. This 21 year old youth had been a monk for a period of about 3 months at Welagane Purana Vihara down Puttalam Road and had later left the robe. This 21 year old young man has been visiting that vihara frequently and last 27th when he had come there he had robbed a cash sum of 1,10,000 in the viharadhipathi's room and has even robbed the wagon R motor vehicle worth about Rs. 30 lakhs and gone to meet his lover. 

Before entering monkhood he he had worked at a garment factory and he had thus gone to see his lover with whom he had struck up a friendship at that time. He had told her that he had purchased a new motor vehicle and had invited her to go a round with him in this vehicle. Later they had been travelling on Kurunegala Mahawa route. In the process he has made a proposal to her suggesting that they stay at a hotel that day to which the girl has given a negative response. At that point the youth has spoken to her sternly and driving the vehicle with some force had told her, "No I definitely shall go with you!" In the process the girl has observed a Rambo type of knife and a bundle of cash notes in the front seat of the vehicle. The girl who got into a fright had thought of a cunning strategy and had thrown the bundle of cash notes out of the window of the vehicle. When the youth has stopped the vehicle and had got down to collect the notes, the girl has darted towards a crowd of people pleading for help. The suspect-youth has then started the vehicle and had fled from there; but has noticed the girl's mobile phone inside the vehicle. Subsequently he had dialled a few numbers in the mobile phone and got in touch with them and on dialling a number under the name Kavisha, a girl has responded to the call. It was said that she had at that time gone to a private class. 

He has then gone to the extent of coining a lie saying, "I took this call after seeing the number in the phone ... your best friend has suddenly fallen sick in a hotel room in Melsiripura ... can you help? Only this number is working". Kavisha who heard about her best friend suddenly falling sick has then promised and has arrived at the spot mentioned by the young man. Kavisha has gone with him to the hotel in Melsiripura, Gokarella ... to see her sick friend in the room. Just as they entered the room, the suspect has taken her inside by force and has sexually molested her and subsequently killed her by strangling her and had fled from the room in a clandestine manner. 

On further investigations it came to be known that the youth has booked the said hotel room for 3 days with the motive of spending time in the company of his lover. It was the next day (30) that the hotel authorities came to know that a girl had been murdered in the room. Since the youth had stated that day as his date departure, even after knocking at the door and as there was no response, they had opened the door with another key when they had come across the dead body of the girl. 

after killing the girl concerned, the suspect-youth who departed from the hotel room on the sly had been in hiding in night hours near the house of his lover in Melsiripura keeping the Rambo-type knife in his possession, it was revealed at investigations. He had in fact had the motive of killing her too. Since she has not arrived home, the youth has gone back to the vihara and after meeting the viharadhipathi had told him that he was fed up of mundane life and wishes to enter into monkhood. 

On questioning this 21 year old youth about the murder of the girl Kavisha Madhurangi, it was possible to find out all relevant information. The car and the sum of stolen bundle of Rs. 1,10,000 were found inside the car. The girl who is supposed to be this youth's lover too has provided evidence in this case. On the other hand, Kavisha Madhurangi's father had made a complaint about his daughter disappearing from home from last 28th.

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