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Rain disrupts rescue operations for child trapped in cavity

Sujith, a baby boy trapped in a well in Nadukattupatti area of ​​Tamil Nadu, India, continues for three consecutive days. Indian media reports that this operation using a special excavator has been slowed down. This is because the area around the hole in which the child is trapped is covered with a layer of rock. 
According to Indian media reports, even the special excavator used in the operation can only dig 3 or 5 feet in an hour. The relief teams were able to create a 35ft cavity around 9:00 pm yesterday. Their goal is to create a 100-foot hole.
Relief teams are hoping to build a tunnel about one meter wide from the hole, which is about 3 meters from the hole where Sujith is trapped.
The torrential rains yesterday afternoon further hindered relief operations.
However, it is said that the well has been covered with a protective covering so that Sujith is not trapped in the well. 
It is believed that the child is in a state of unconsciousness and relief workers are attempting to carry out the operation so that the excavation does not cause trauma. 
Around 200 firefighters and relief workers, 20 inspectors, government hospital staff and two ambulances have been deployed in the area to provide relief soon. 
Authorities fear that the child's condition is uncertain, as the child has been trapped in the hole for about 60 hours. The lack of water and food is the reason for the lack of oxygen in the cavity. 

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