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Massive ship stranded on rocks at Niagara Falls dislodged by severe storms after 101 years

An 80-foot long iron-hulled boat which has been rusting above Niagara Falls for 101 years is now at greater risk of going over the enormous waterfall, after a storm on Halloween dislodged the wreck and brought it closer to the edge.
The boat is a scow – a type of flat-bottomed sailing vessel which were commonly used for navigating shallow waters – and in 1918 was being used to dredge sand banks higher up the Niagara River when a rope connecting it to a tugboat snapped.
It drifted downstream towards Horseshoe Falls – the highest waterfall of Niagara Falls – with two workers still aboard. Just 838 yards from the falls, the boat became grounded on rocks, and a 17-hour rescue mission was launched to rescue the two men from the raging water.

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