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Sajith gets support from Ilangai Tamil Arasu Party said Member of Parliament R. Sampanthan

Leader of the Tamil National Alliance, Member of Parliament R. Sampanthan said that a decision will be made today on which Presidential Candidate the other Parties of the TNA will support at the Presidential Election.
Member of Parliament M. A. Sumanthiran said yesterday that the Ilangai Thamil Arasu Kachchi representing the TNA has already decided to support the Presidential Candidate of the New Democratic Front Sajith Premadasa.
Sumanthiran also said that he was authorized to announce this decision of the Tamil National Alliance subsequent to the Central Committee meeting of the Ilangai Thamil Arasu Kachchi by its leader R. Sampanthan.
The Tamil National Alliance was formed together with 5 parties and is being represented by the Parties Ilangai Thamil Arasu, TELO and PLOTE only.
Meanwhile, the Tamil Parties which submitted a series of proposals to the Presidential Candidates, have not yet decided which Candidate they are going to support at the Election. 

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